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HPI is currently located in Red Deer, Alberta and is 100% exclusively online. I started HPI Apparel in 2018 with motivational t-shirts and it's morphed into the goal of providing quality fitness apparel at a fair price to you the customer. On top of fair prices I want to provide quality customer service to ensure customers are happy with their buying experience and the clothes they order. I want people to buy knowing they can trust in HPI, the apparel we sell and that as a small business every customer truly matters including the shopping experience they have with us!

The prices and markup of clothing these days as a customer myself drive me crazy, especially now being on the other side of things and learning more about the actual cost to big brands. For many of them prices continue to rise and quality has dropped because they know people are buying the name and it's for that reason I shifted the direction of this company. Between the cost of living these days and the current economy every dollar matters to people and hope I can provide you with the quality you expect without the large price tag.


Derek Todd - HPI Apparel Founder


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